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Our Aims

Welcome to Pico Business Web Services, the home of low cost CMS enabled web sites.  Our aim is to provide quality Web sites to very small businesses that have limited resources and technical know how. 

We aim to provide the following key benefits to our customers: 

Simple to Use Management Interface

Our content management system has been developed over the last few years (initially for my wife's business site). Most features are provided using an Ajax based interface to improve the usability of the site. More

High Quality/Standards Compliant

I have produced production quality code for most of the top telecommunications companies (BT, Alcatel, Intel, Nokia, ..) who all require standards compliant solutions.  I have where possible ensured that the XHTML and CSS generated is standards compliant.  More

Fast Download Times

To achieve fast download times, you need to take care in all aspects of the sites design. I have also followed the latest advice from Google, resulting in a "Page speed score of 96%" on pages served from a Pico CMS enabled server. At the time of writing the BBC main site has a speed score of 80%.

Built using leading edge Web Tools

It now includes many advanced technologies including, that are well proven building blocks, that are cross browser compliant. More

Low Set-up and Running Costs

Please contact us for our current prices, we provide very competative proces.
We do provide addition additional services, which are described Here


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* All prices include VAT